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Exceedingly Good Quality

I planted both Gaviota and Viva Patricia strawberries. We applied SCD Bio Ag to the fields before  planting and dipped plants on SCD Bio Ag solution. I applied SCD Bio Ag through drip irrigation,  applying it biweekly to monthly depending on technical feasibility and need for watering. The  winter brought very heavy rainfall, which compelled me to stop applying nitrogen fertilizer. As a  result, plant “feeding” was achieved only with SCD Bio Ag. Despite the lack of nitrogen  supplementation, plant and berry quality were exceedingly good quality – the same quality as I  would expect with nitrogen supplementation. I attribute these result to SCD Bio Ag  supplementation and I plan to continue using it on my berries.

- Jason

Works Great!

I regularly spray this on my fruit trees. Before I started using this product, I would see all kinds of disease problems. I've seen a noticeable decrease in those disease problems

- Clark F.

Case Studies

See the quantitative data and learn more about how SCD Bio Ag boosts ROI and yields, optimizes plant growth and quality, and helps increase plants’ natural resistance to stress, disease, and pests.

case study


Why SCD Bio Ag®?

Effective microorganisms (aka probiotics) are a living mixture of beneficial “bugs,” called microorganisms, that typically come in liquid form. It’s a blend of bacteria, yeast, fungi, and others that can be used for a variety of ag applications.

SCD Bio Ag contains a powerful ecosystem of Lactic Acid Bacteria, Bacillus spp., Purple Non-Sulfur Bacteria, and Yeast. Unlike most companies, we use patented fermentation technology to grow carefully screened compatible species of beneficial microbes together, scientifically selecting for and enhancing their active functions. Using this patented method, our microbes form a unique synergistic community that is more effective together, as a system, than singularly-grown microorganisms.

SCD Bio Ag, like all SCD Probiotics products, is produced through a natural fermentation process—it is not chemically synthesized, genetically engineered or modified.

SCD BioAg is also certified OMRI Listed® (Organic Materials Review Institute) as safe for use in organic production--helping you meet both organic certification requirements and your needs for crop and field treatment. All SCD products are manufactured in Kansas City, USA under strict quality control standards.


Sustainable Community Development

SCD Probiotics was founded in 1998 as Sustainable Community Development to create products that don’t just replace the toxic chemicals in our lives but help undo their widespread damage as well—going beyond simply nontoxic to living, regenerative products that actively build health. But it doesn’t stop there. We’re committed to building community, sustainably, across all ecosystems--starting in our own backyard.

The Giving Grove empowers people in Kansas City communities to achieve greater food security. By planting small, urban orchards that are then championed and maintained by neighborhood individuals, school, and church groups, they support new entrepreneurs who learn, grow, give time, and harvest to transform and reshape the community in which they live. We’re proud to partner with The Giving Grove by providing SCD Bio Ag® for their orchards, helping them nourish depleted urban soil and grow healthier trees that flourish where they’re grown.