February 23rd Edition

Now Trending: Regenerative Agriculture’s Food Revolution

More than just an organic certification, regenerative ag means taking into consideration the long-term health of the soil.

Regenerative Agriculture is a soil-focused farming practice that Whole Foods says is the #1 food trend in 2020. More than just an organic certification, regenerative ag means taking into consideration the long-term health of the soil. And soil health, it turns out, is critically tied to the microbial life contained in it. After decades of soil erosion and depletion, many farmers (and Big Food corporations like General Mills) are taking notice of this movement.

Can Regenerative Agriculture Reverse Climate Change? Big Food Is Banking On It.

Regenerative agriculture works to draw carbon out of the atmosphere and into the soil, but there’s an ongoing debate on how much carbon can be stored there and for how long.

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Why You Need To Know About Regenerative Agriculture

Why companies as diverse as Patagonia and General Mills are suddenly focused on getting dirty.

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To Restore Our Soils, Feed The Microbes

Our soils are in trouble. Over the past century, we’ve abused them with plowing, tilling and too...

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Farmers Could Help Solve The Climate Crisis—We Just Don’t Invest In Them

When the first Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) land use report was released by the United Nations in 2000, cities like Copenhagen and countries like Costa Rica did not have public...

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Is A Diet That's Healthy For Us Also Better For The Planet? Most Of The Time, Yes

Almonds and other nuts are often touted as healthy snacks, because they can help you maintain a healthy weight and are linked to a lower risk of heart disease and Type 2 diabetes.

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February 16th Edition

More Than Just A Carnival Trick: Researchers Can Guess Your Age Based On Your Microbes

Our microbiomes—the complex communities of microbes that live in, on and around us—are influenced by our diets, habits, environments and genes, and are known to change with age.

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Scientists Find A Possible Link Between Gut Bacteria And Depression

A new study identifies bacteria in the microbiome that could produce neurotransmitters and potentially influence activity in the brain...

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The Surprising Way Your Brain And Gut Are Connected

Can your microbiome affect your risk of mental illness? Experts weigh in. These days, it feels like everyone and their mom takes probiotics for digestive...

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Can The Gut Microbiome Unlock The Secrets Of Aging?

A new study has shown how the gut microbiota of older mice can promote neural growth in young mice, leading to promising developments...

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Can Disease-Sniffing Dogs Save the World’s Citrus?

Once trained, canines can detect citrus greening disease earlier and more accurately than current diagnostics

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February 9th Edition

Coronavirus May Transmit Via Digestive Tract

Your microbiome plays a big part in your resistance to viruses -- so does hand-washing.

Coronavirus May Transmit Along Fecal-Oral Route, Xinhua Reports

The coronavirus that’s infected more than 14,000 people in two dozen countries may be transmitted through the digestive tract, Chinese state media reported.

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How Certain Bacteria Protect Us Against Flu

A new study brings us closer to an anti-flu probiotic pill. By subtly altering the bacteria in our nose...

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20 Seconds To Optimize Hand Wellness

One of the world’s most crucial and selfless acts is still simply washing your hands.

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16 Chicken Soups That Push the Envelope

et's face it: It's really hard to not like chicken noodle soup; it's really hard not to crave it when the tips of our noses start to get cold outside, when we're feeling tired and sniffly, when we're...

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The Mammals That Most Freely Share Dangerous Microbes With Humans

Scientists identify two primate species as hosts of a high number of pathogens that can jump to Homo sapiens.

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February 2nd Edition

Digestion Slows in the Winter 🧥

What You Can Do To Keep Things Moving - Winter Gut Health Issue

As we crawl into February, there's no mistaking it: were in the throes of winter now, with its short, grey days, freezing temperatures, dry skin, and sniffles. Everything feels a little slower-from time to, yep, digestion. This week we take a look at how to keep those moving by examining emerging connections between diet and gut health, as well as winter's best offerings to both delight in the food of the season and keep your gut healthy.

Produce Guide: Winter

We often bemoan the lack of fresh produce at this time of year, but the truth is that despite the grey days and colder temperatures, winter boasts plenty of seasonal delights.

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'Largest' Microbiome Study Weighs In On Our Gut Health

The first results of the largest study to have ever investigated the human microbiome are in. They have important implications for our dietary...

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SCD Probiotics Staffers Share Their Best, Gut-Healthy Oatmeal Recipes

We're an office full of gut health lovers, so it's no surprise that we've got an arsenal of warming...

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Your Gut Bacteria May Make It Harder to Lose Weight

For some people on a diet, the pounds just seem to fall off, while others have a much harder time...

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Benefits of Drinking Hot Water

Drinking hot water can provide your body with the water it needs to replenish fluids. It can also improve digestion, relieve congestion...

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January 26th Edition

Miracle Microbes: Seven Types Of Bacteria Fuelling Our Future

Microbes and disease go hand in hand, but bacteria sometimes get a bad rep - check out the fascinating ways we're using microorganisms to solve big problems.

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Bricks Alive! Scientists Create Living Concrete

A Frankenstein material is teeming with and ultimately made by photosynthetic microbes. And it can reproduce.

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Will Your Future Computer Be Made Using Bacteria?

In order to create new and more efficient computers, medical devices, and other advanced technologies, researchers are turning to...

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The Desert Soil That Could Save Lives

Chiles desiccated Atacama Desert was once considered a dead zone, but it hides great riches that could help us tackle a major...

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Wait, What Are Probiotic Cleaners, And Do They Actually Work?

You've probably heard how important probiotics are for gut health-cue those Activia commercials with Jamie Lee Curtis explaining...

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